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Perk's Log: Entry #779;

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Entry #779, Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated in /var/www/ Blog/log.php on line 29 May 05, 2007, 12:25: sola
Topic: perkTopic
Alright Perk, take a deep breath... ready... and GO!

OK, so I did a complete rotation at UCSB (a few months) over the winter. These were the best few months of my life. Down the road, many superlatives will stem back to these three months.

  • The best idea I ever had was...
  • The worst idea I ever had was...
  • The most wasted I've ever been was...
  • The craziest night I ever had was...
  • The longest I've ever hung competitively from a bar was... 2433
  • The best wine I've ever had was...
  • The most expensive bottle of Campaign I've ever played spin the bottle with was...
  • The weirdest rocks I've ever seen were... 2435
  • The first company I ever incorporated was...
  • The coolest pic of my devices ever taken was... 2432
  • The most pullups I've ever done was...
  • The shitty-est car I ever bought was...
  • The longest I ever ran was...
  • The coolest place I ever lived was...
  • The longest I've ever gone without eating sugar was...
  • The most karaoke I've ever sung was...
  • The most girls tied up in my kitchen was... 2434
  • The most I've gone out was... 2436
  • The most bling I've ever worn was...
  • The weirdest thing I've ever done to pick up a chick was... 2437
  • The coolest pic I ever took was... 2422

      ...are all contenders, along with a few others that are better discussed in convo. Man, lots of other good stuff happened too. I think I met more new people in these few months than I met in the previous six years in Santa Barbara combined. Jesse, Brian, and I hit it hard for several months and I got some great vids. Oh, St. Pats day was insane. We started partying at noon and the night ended with me and Jesse explaining to several of our friends that I had spent some time that day in the emergency room because I ingested pure capsaicin in sufficient quantity to warrant a stomach pump and tracheal anaesthesia. The full events of that night will be taken to the graves of a few good friends.

      I performed two weddings: one for Arun and Shelece in New Mexico2394 in which I lit the bride's mother's fingernail polish on fire during the unity candle celebration, and a bi-lingual wedding for Naughtor and Irene in which I rolled my r's like a freakin' Gaucho. Both were completely and totally awesome. I went to a party in a mansion on the SF bay owned by the dude who started and 2438

      OK, it was a good time. Now I'm back in Zurich, i.e. Schweizer round zwei! It's more fun this time for a few key reasons. I'm having more fun with my roommates. I got a sweet bike to velo all over die Schweiz. I found American peanut butter. And, most importantly, I've simply given up on all the silly cultural inadequacies here that I can't do anything about.

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